Have you ever had the feeling that you might have some form of a psychic ability?  Or maybe even a spiritual gift?  If so, we have a few tips on how you can activate that psychic power and kick it into gear.

Tip #1: Takes Some Time and Delve into White Light and Meditation

In case you don’t know, white light is the space within the universe that houses positive energies and working with it will allow you to lift your vibration to a higher frequency, thus allowing you to connect to a higher realm of spirits.  Some of the ways to achieve this via visualization, affirmations and prayer.

With meditation it is best to focus on a particular thought, or activity, this will help you reach a state of mental clarity and emotional calmness.  Meditating regularly will allow you to be in tune with your spirit and your psychic contact with the universe.

Tip #2: Explore Auras and Learn What They Are and How to See Them

Auras are a colored energy field that surrounds the physical body.  By looking at the size, color and vibration of a person’s aura, it is possible to figure out what their state is.

Tip #3: Open your Seven Chakras

Before you try this, it is best to research and understand what the seven chakras are.  Once they are open, you will have an easier time receiving spiritual information in many ways, for instance that gut feeling in the pit of your stomach that you feel will become more prominent (by the way, that feeling is called the solar plexus chakra).

‘Opening up your third eye chakra will be exceptionally beneficial to opening up the communication channel with spirit.’

Tip #4: Get into Psychometry

Psychometry is the ability to read a person’s energy by holding a personal item of theirs.   The best way to do this is to choose an item that the individual has regularly worn and has had the most contact with their body.  Also, you may want to start with items that belong to people you know, so you can confirm if it’s working or not.

Tip #5: Figure Out What Spiritual Tools You Want to Use

Spiritual tools are a great way to focus your psychic energy, so figuring out which ones work best for you is a must.  Tarot cards, divining rods, and pendulums are a great place to start.

Have you ever felt that there is more to the world than your eyes can, see?

Have you experienced déjà vu?

Do you have prophetic dreams that came true?

Do you see things that others don’t? Do you see things via your peripheral vision?

Do you sense things are around you? Do you feel goosebumps or tingles when you feel you are not alone?

If so, you are not alone, experience honest and accurate answers with Faith and get to a path of a brighter future.  Contact her at (708) 294-8480 to learn how Faith can help you.

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