Meet Faith Christo

Work Experience

Corporate Consultant at
Nordstrom, Clairol, JC Penny, Self Magazine, Macy’s & Aveda.

Faith is a psychic and spiritual holistic healer with over 30 years of experience as a Psychic, Medium, Life Coach, and Spiritual Intuit. She is a specialist in her field. Faith makes her clients well being her first priority.She will not only help you with your present problems, but will unfold a path to success in all aspects of life. Experience honest and accurate answers with Faith and get to a path of a brighter future. She is here to help guide you side by side, answer your questions, and give you the advice you need! Not the advice you want to hear! By visiting Faith you will have a chance to look into you past, reveal specific details about your present, and unfold your future.

Faith is a naturally gifted clairvoyant and spiritual healer having over 30 years experience Chakras cleansing and tuning. She has developed and instituted her own methodology and healing techniques. She specializes in astrology and numerology and offers custom compatibility charts based on numerology, astrology, and her psychic intuition. Certified master in Chakra Color Therapy, and a successful Life Coach offering proven results.

Do you want to know how to save your marriage? Do you want to know how to deal with problems in your family or in the workplace? Do you feel lost and confused and need clarity in your life? Faith will give you the insight and tools you need to redirect your life in the right path. Restore Marriage And Stop Divorce, I Can Stop Arguing, Cheating And Separation And Then Spiritually Healed. You’ll Be Guided To A Greater Path in your Love life.



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