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Connect with your guardian angels, spirit guides and loved ones on the other side! Legions of loving and trustworthy archangels watch over you, and you can develop and even closer relationship with them by learning their names and specialties. You will receive protection, miraculous healings and amazing guidance from these beloved Heavenly beings.

Prayer to Arch Angel Raziel

Archangel Raziel, please bless me with your secrets of the universe. Release me from any negative beliefs so I may clearly understand the information I receive.

Please open all my channels of communication so I may hear clearly, see clearly, feel clearly, and understand clearly.

I would be honored if you would be my spiritual teacher, helping me enhance my psychic abilities and growth in spiritual development.

Thank you, Raziel, for your gifts of wisdom and for healing me with your divine magic.


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Of all the Archangels, Michael is the head of this order. He is often depicted with sword in hand. He appears to me as bright and shimmering golden energy (this color is associated with the higher heavenly energy chakras located well above the head), as an image of a brilliant golden wing, in human form dressed in white with wings and carrying a sword or glowing with a gold aura, and in the form of birds of prey, such as falcons and hawks. He is the Great Defender of all that is good. He can be called upon for strength and courage, as well as protection. He often appears to let you know you are protected and loved. His presence is reassuring and powerful. In healing situations, he is there to strengthen the determination to heal, provide positive energy through love, and encourage the continual search for truth within the depths of your soul. His healing extends to all aspects of the mind, body, and spirit, including healing from the loss of a loved one, addictions, physical ailments, depression, the restoration of faith, and assistance with the cutting of relationship cords. Archangel Michael is also the protector of those who work within the light of God.

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